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Digging deep, climbing high... What if you play the harp (not the harmonica..), and you love the blues? You give in and buy a guitar... or you bend over backwards and do it on a harp! Brenda got herself a solid body electric harp and found a guitar teacher willing to explore the blues-ness of the ...
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The harp is a great addition to the traditional selection of instruments involved in jazz. One of Brenda's main goals as a harpist is to get this point across both by playing and by spreading the word. Together with Sabine Meijers, she has founded the International Jazz Harp Foundation in 2007, ...
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A collaborator at heart, a lot of Brenda's work as a classical musician consists of ensemble playing and choir accompaniment. A highlight since moving to the UK in 2016 was the performing Benjamin Britten's Ceremony of Carols with the St Paul's Cathedral Choristers led by Andrew Carwood, in ...
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Highlighted collaborations & activities

BTJ Lyrae produces house tracks based on recorded harp bytes, and performs by playing, and improvising over, house tracks by BTJ Lyrae, Tear of Joy and others. We create and play Deep House, Techno, and beyond.HarpTraxx consists of DJ/producer Cristopher Michelangoli, aka Tear of Joy, originally ...
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The Jazz Harp Foundation was founded in 2007 by Sabine Meijers and Brenda Dor-Groot, to advance jazz harp education and promote jazz harp worldwide. For more info, check
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Education is one of the most important things in the world, and music lessons can be a vital part of any person's development, regardless of age or ability.My teaching hours are some of the happiest moments of my week. Especially while we were on Zoom a lot lately, I could see in the self-view how ...
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Brenda Dor-Groot is a multifaceted performing harpist and educator. She has classical roots, a passion for the blues, and a taste for pioneering.
Working as a free lance performing harpist and private harp teacher, Brenda is also an avid developer and advocate of new and upcoming directions for the harp, and opportunities for its players.
Equally at home on pedal and lever harp, acoustic and electric, she performs and teaches classical music, blues, jazz & improvisation, and creates ‘deep house’ with a DJ/producer.
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